Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who am I?

The question that stumps me the most is 'who really are you?'. And how
many times have we tried hard to be ??the right person...be the victor,
the flag bearer, the champ, the blah and the blah. I thought it's
time to just pen down what i really do...and what i really am.

I try.
I fail.
I try.
I win.
I fear.
I fight.
I make.
I break.
I surrender.
I lead.
I pray.
I show.
I hide.
I like.
I dislike.
I help.
I share.
I suffer.
I enjoy.
I sympathize.
I empathize.
I care.
I trouble.
I envy.
I love.
I am flawed. And I am just another imperfect guy.


  1. Now thats everyones story Shankar, but thanks for putting it down.

  2. Yep Thanks. sometimes you just need to emphasize. leaving this footprint here isn't a bad idea at all.

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